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DAHUA SD50225U-HNI Test 2022

DAHUA SD50225U-HNI Smart Tracking Test!Dahua Technology, a solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, announced that an additional 88 models of its Eco-savvy 3.0, Wi-Fi 265 and H.265 PTZ series network cameras are now compatible with QNAP NAS from QNAP Systems, Inc. Now, more customers are able to choose Dahua Technology’s network cameras per their application scenarios.DAHUA SD50225U-HNI,DAHUA DH-SD50225U-HNI,SD50225U-HNI,DH-SD50225U-HNI,DAHUA PTZ Network Camera

Automatic monitoring is an cutting-edge function that transforms by hand managed PTZ electronic cameras into computerized radar that maintain a moving target in emphasis and centered in the structure. It immediately follows/tracks the target within its field of vision.

The TiOC 2.0 series is furnished with Auto Tracking 3.0. It is based upon a deep-learning formula utilizing the electronic camera’s frying pan, tilt as well as zoom features to automatically track pre-defined moving targets even in atmospheres with reduced lighting or during night time. It offers a smooth monitoring procedure through deep combination of smart and concentrating algorithms, and can track targets approximately a distance of 870 meters. With the Auto Tracking 2.0 algorithm as its foundation, the needs for the monitoring dimension of the target are additional minimized, making the target dimension smaller sized and the tracking range longer.
Today we are mosting likely to check a Dahua auto-tracking PTZ DAHUA SD50225U-HNI. Our test group gotten this Dahua PTZ from ICCTVZONE. This product was finished in 2017 and also launched in 2018. In 2022, why are we evaluating a item that is so old? We wanted to see if a item introduced a few years back might still meet existing usage demands and also get a excellent price. First off, this product is available at ICCTVZONE, a qualified distributor of Dahua, as well as is currently priced at $384. Compared to the PTZ surveillance of Internet brand names on Amazon, this expert PTZ is really cost-efficient.

Please see our screenshots. You can likewise click on this image to buy straight. Next off, allow’s take a brief take a look at the product parameters of this PTZ







SD50225U-HNI 2MP 25x Starlight PTZ Network Camera


1/2 .8″ 2Megapixel STARVIS ™ CMOS
> Effective 25x optical zoom
> H. 265 Encoding
> Starlight modern technology
> Max. 50/60fps@1080P
> Auto-tracking and also IVS
> Support PoE+.
> IP67, IK10.

What we are most concerned regarding is the Auto-tracking function of SD50225U-HNI.

This attribute controls the pan/tilt/zoom activities of the cam to automatically track an object moving and to keep it in the scene. The monitoring action can be triggered manually or instantly by specified guidelines. When a regulation is set off, the electronic camera can zoom in and also track the defined target immediately.

PTZ tracking is an ingenious feature that changes manually regulated DAHUA PTZ video cameras right into computerized radar that maintain an moving item in emphasis and also focused in the frame. It follows the things where fixed video cameras would certainly shed the object as soon as out of the repaired video cameras field of view.

IVS as well as Auto-Tracking Capable PTZ -Model will finish with an, “I” Example: dahua SD52C225U-HNI.
Video Recommendations.
Step by Step Directions.

1. Login to your PTZ’s web user interface.


IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 1.png

2. Click, “Setup”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 2.png

3. Click, “PTZ Settings” then, “Function”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 3.png

4. Click, “Preset” and use the arrows to position the camera in the desired position for your first preset, click, “Add” then click the save icon. Repeat for as many preset locations as you wish.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 4.png

5. Click, “Save”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 5.png

6. Click, “Event” then click, “Smart Plan”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 6.png

7. Click, “Add Plan” and select the preset you wish to establish with an IVS rule.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 7.png

8. Select, “IVS” for the corresponding presets, and click, “Save”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 8.png

9. Under, “Event” click, “IVS”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 9.png

10. Click the plus sign in the upper right to add the IVS rule.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 10.png

11. Select the rule type in the drop down menu.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 11.png

12. Click, “Draw Rule” and, using left-click, draw the region you wish to establish for the IVS rule. To finish drawing the rule, right click.

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 12.png ->

13. Check the box next to, “Alarm Track”

IVS2.0AutoTrackWebUI 14.png

14. Click, “Save”.

After we have actually completed the installment of the auto-track feature, allow’s take a look at the details efficiency of SD50225U-HNI.

SD50225U-HNI is outfitted with 25x optical zoom, let’s see what sort of efficiency 25x optical will certainly have in actual usage. Watch the video straight.

In all fairness, the SD50225U-HNI can attain such performance at a cost of less than $400, and the price/performance proportion is actually high. Also in 2022, it will certainly not run out date. It is a excellent choice for home PTZ products. If you require an auto-tracking PTZ, the SD50225U-HNI is still a great selection.

Dahua Technology, a solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, announced that an additional 88 models of its Eco-savvy 3.0, Wi-Fi 265 and H.265 PTZ series network cameras are now compatible with QNAP NAS from QNAP Systems, Inc. Now, more customers are able to choose Dahua Technology’s network cameras per their application scenarios.

Comprehensive video surveillance

Dahua Eco-savvy 3.0 network camera series can deliver real-time 4K video streams at 15 fps, providing security applications with impressive range of smart detection features including face detection, tripwire detection, and intrusion detection. Dahua Wi-Fi 265 series supports H.265 compression, Human Detection and Smart Tracking features. Dahua H.265 PTZ camera can provide large monitoring range with clear details, while the latest H.265 compression cuts bandwidth in half to ensure video recording with great security efficiency and lower cost.

QNAP keeps improving product and third-party software compatibility. It released QVR Pro surveillance solution, QVR Center central management software and QVR Guard failover application to integrate comprehensive video surveillance features into NAS, providing live monitoring, storage expandability and storage space management functions for home and business users.

Third-party integrations

Open, Integration and Innovation has been Dahua Technology’s guiding principle. In recent year, the company has been working with more and more renowned third-party platforms, like QNAP NAS in this case, to greatly broaden the application scale of its cameras. This enables security users to enjoy the products and services provided by Dahua Technology in more applications.

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It is so necessary, also critical, for you to have a resolution driven method when dealing with SD50225U-HNI. Your intention is always to only target the positive outcome you seek. To get to the treasure, your best goal, you must possess the inspiration to get there, or perhaps you might not make it. It is something which thousands of people do successfully every single day, despite the fact that SD50225U-HNI is just not the simplest move to make. Anyone that wants assistance with this must without doubt go over to SD50225U-HNI to acquire extra help along with recommendations.

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