Lynk & Co Z10: The New Benchmark in Luxury Electric Sedans

Lynk & Co Z10: The New Benchmark in Luxury Electric Sedans

Lynk & Co, the innovative automotive brand, has finally unveiled its much-anticipated entry into the pure electric vehicle market with the Z10, a luxury flagship sedan that made its global debut in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Z10 not only expands Lynk & Co’s presence in the new energy vehicle landscape but also sets a new standard for intelligent electric vehicles.

A Stunning Debut for the Z10

The Z10 is a mid-to-large size luxury electric sedan that closely mirrors the design of the “The Next Day” concept car. It features a sleek fastback design and is equipped with an 800-volt high-voltage platform and a pure electric drive system. The car is a testament to Lynk & Co’s commitment to integrating the best intelligent resources into its vehicles, with advanced features such as Flyme connectivity, high-level intelligent driving, Gold Brick battery technology, and LiDAR sensors.

纯电800V赛道风格设计 这样的领克Z10你爱不爱(勿发布,保密到12号21点)

Exterior and Interior Design


The Z10’s exterior is a study in original design, with distinctive front fascia that sets it apart from other models in the Lynk & Co lineup. The car’s front features a prominent upper lip and an industry-first chromatic interactive light strip with 414 RGB LEDs, offering 256 colors and dynamic light effects integrated with the car’s system.

The headlights, supplied by Valeo, are designed in an H-shape that is instantly recognizable as a Lynk & Co signature. They combine cornering, daytime running, and turn signal functions, offering a sharp and effective illumination with a far-beam brightness of up to 510LX and a near-beam brightness of 365LX.

The interior of the Z10 is equally innovative, offering a minimalist and bright design that provides a sense of spacious comfort. The cabin features two themes, “Dawn” and “Morning,” with seamless integration between the door and dashboard for a holistic feel. The floating door armrest includes additional storage compartments for practicality.

Technology and Comfort

纯电800V赛道风格设计 这样的领克Z10你爱不爱(勿发布,保密到12号21点)

The Z10 is equipped with a 12.3:1 ultra-long horizontal screen that displays only essential information for a clean and clear design. It also supports AG anti-glare, AR anti-reflection, and AF anti-fingerprint functions. A 15.4-inch central control screen with an 8mm ultra-narrow frame and 2.5K resolution offers a high-contrast display and a wide color gamut for an enhanced viewing experience.

The steering wheel features a two-tone design with an avant-garde oval decoration. The car also includes a HUD head-up display that projects 25.6 inches at a distance of 4 meters, working in conjunction with the instrument panel for optimal visibility of vehicle and road conditions.

Performance and Advanced Features


While specific details of the powertrain have not been disclosed, the Z10 is confirmed to be built on an 800-volt high-voltage platform and will feature an AI digital chassis with CDC electromagnetic suspension and dual-chamber air suspension for a variety of functions. The car will also be equipped with a self-developed E05 vehicle chip and LiDAR for advanced intelligent driving solutions.

**SEA Architecture and Expected Performance**

The Z10 is expected to benefit from the capabilities of the SEA architecture, which has been praised in the Lynk & Co 08 EM-P. The platform offers options for single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive, with the latter delivering impressive acceleration and range capabilities.

The Z10’s Anticipated Market Entry

Lynk & Co’s Z10 is set to begin pre-sales in late July, and it promises to deliver a driving experience that combines luxury, technology, and performance. With its cutting-edge design, intelligent features, and advanced powertrain, the Z10 is poised to become a favorite among electric vehicle enthusiasts who demand the best in comfort and innovation.

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